How to avoid buying expensive generic drugs in India

India’s biggest pharmaceutical chain is taking steps to curb the over-prescription of expensive generic medicines, but some of the country’s biggest drugmakers are still struggling to find the money to pay for the drugs.

The country has a population of nearly two billion, and the government is worried that a shortage of medicines could hamper the economy and force people to ration their consumption.

In an interview with The Times, an official from one of the biggest drug makers, Cipla, said it had made efforts to reduce the supply of generic drugs but they still face problems getting medicines into the market.

“I am aware of a situation where we cannot afford the drugs,” the official said, adding that the company was now working on ways to raise the money it needed to purchase the drugs locally.

“We are trying to make an effort to buy from local sources and we have made efforts.

We are trying not to buy anything from abroad, because we want to be a local business and not a foreign business,” the officer said.

While the company is not making the changes that it had hoped to, the official acknowledged that it was still struggling with the issue.

“Our costs are higher than our imports.

The cost is about 70-80 percent higher than the import cost, and it’s a very costly business,” he said.

The company’s chief executive officer, Manoj Singh, said that the issue was not just about the price but also the quality of the drugs being made.

“The quality of quality of drugs is a big issue, because our medicines have to be very reliable.

They have to last for a long time and be tested in the right way,” he told Reuters.”

That is very difficult for generic drugs to do,” he added.

Cipla’s chief financial officer, Kailash Singh, agreed that the drugmakers had to make some changes to the way they sourced drugs.

“Some of the companies are trying very hard to find solutions, but at the same time they are also trying to find ways to lower the cost.

That is the challenge,” he explained.

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