How to avoid Amazon’s prescription fraud, but get a better deal on the internet

Amazon has been caught selling counterfeit drugs at a discount online, but the retailer has yet to respond to a request for comment.

The revelation comes as Amazon’s stock price has risen sharply since Tuesday, and after it was revealed that the online retail giant had been implicated in the sales of $100,000 worth of counterfeit medication last week.

The Federal Trade Commission and other consumer protection agencies have been investigating Amazon for years, but they have yet to bring charges against the online retailer.

Last week, a federal judge ruled that the company had violated the FTC’s anti-fraud rules by making its pharmacies sell counterfeit prescription medication, which violates the FTC and other laws.

The court found that the retailer did not disclose to customers that it was selling counterfeit medications, and that the pharmacy did not have the authority to sell it.

But a company spokesman, Michael Schumacher, defended Amazon’s practice.

He said the company does not have access to the database and does not know how many counterfeit drugs are on the site.

Schumacher said Amazon does not sell counterfeit drugs on its own.

He also said that if Amazon had a list of all of the drugs it sold, it would have “the potential to sell millions of prescriptions a day.”

Last week’s announcement comes after the Federal Trade Commision announced in December that it had begun an investigation into Amazon.

In January, Amazon agreed to pay the FTC $20 million in fines, and in March, it agreed to allow the FTC to take over its investigation into prescription fraud.

Amazon has been accused of selling hundreds of thousands of fake prescription drugs online since 2006.

But it has been unable to address consumer complaints about its online pharmacies and have faced criticism for the prices it charges.

The FTC says it is investigating the retail giant’s alleged activities for possible violations of federal law.

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