Why is the federal government refusing to allow the use of prescription medication?

By Jennifer SchoettesCNNMoney EditorJennifer Schoates’ mother, Diane Scho, is on the frontline of the opioid crisis in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.

As the city struggles to deal with the drug crisis, Diane is working to get her daughter prescriptions for her medications.CNNMoney:What do you need prescription drugs for?CNNMoney’s CNNHealth team has answers to questions like this.

In her home, Diane has seen the effects of prescription drug abuse firsthand.

As her son, Franklin, and daughter, Calli, age 10, struggled to cope with the opioid addiction, Diane was one of the few who was able to see her son get better.

“My son Franklin is doing really well,” Diane says.

“I just know that his mom is watching over him.

She’s going to have to watch over him until his death.”

But the federal crackdown on prescription drug use is forcing Diane and her husband to take drastic measures.

“We have to get rid of prescription drugs,” Diane tells CNNMoney.

“It’s just a bunch of money and they are making us feel bad and then we feel bad about ourselves.””

Diane says she can’t get her son prescriptions because her health insurance does not cover prescription drugs. “

It’s just a bunch of money and they are making us feel bad and then we feel bad about ourselves.”

Diane says she can’t get her son prescriptions because her health insurance does not cover prescription drugs.

And her husband, who has also struggled with the addiction, is forced to pay for her medication on his own.

Even if she gets her medications, Diane says she’s not sure she’ll be able to afford them, even with her husband’s help.

“[If] we’re not able to get them, we’re going to be really scared, so we’ll just go to the store,” she says.

Diane also fears that prescription drug companies will make it easier for others to abuse the drugs.

“If it’s legal, then we can just do it ourselves, but if they’re not, we’ll be the next victim,” she said. 

“The government has been doing the exact opposite of what they promised, and the people that are affected by it, they have no voice, and that’s why they’re saying, ‘We’re going after you, we are going after all of you.'”‘

We are not talking to you anymore’The United States spends nearly $700 billion a year on prescription drugs, and it is estimated that about 20 million people suffer from opioid addiction.

More than a third of Americans suffer from addiction to painkillers and prescription medications, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

But the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has repeatedly refused to allow prescription drug access for the millions of Americans who have no access to these drugs.

This refusal has forced some of the most vulnerable Americans to turn to the state to fill prescriptions.

“If we don’t get help, we will become a victim,” Diane said.

“And we have to go to all these pharmacies and they will be taking money out of our pockets, taking away our medication, taking our freedom and our rights.

We are not speaking to you any more.”

The government’s decision has led to a national crisis.

In December, President Donald Trump signed an executive order ordering federal agencies to begin taking steps to restrict access to prescription drug products. 

In April, a federal judge struck down parts of the executive order, saying the order was illegal because it was unconstitutional and unenforceable.

But that ruling has been appealed.

In October, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear the case.

The U.P.S., the largest provider of painkillers in the country, is fighting the order, but has yet to be able.

“Because of the current legal uncertainty in this case, we cannot predict how this will ultimately play out in court,” said Jennifer Schones, executive director of the National Prescription Drug Users Alliance.

“We are working with other health care providers and the federal agencies involved to ensure access for all patients, regardless of their financial circumstances,” she added.

The DEA, the agency that oversees the federal drug program, has said that it will continue to restrict the ability of states to expand access to opioid medications. 

Meanwhile, Diane’s husband, Franklin Schoette, is now taking his medication without a prescription.

While Diane is trying to get access to her medications through other means, she has had to make tough choices.

“Right now, I can’t afford to take the pills,” she explains.

“But then my husband is a vet and we are having a problem with the vet so we can’t pay him and we have a couple of kids, and we don�t have money. I can�

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