A look at the world of pharmacy in 2018

The year 2018 has been an interesting one for pharmacy in Australia, with several major retailers stepping up their efforts to get their customers online.

With the holidays approaching and the coming of spring, it is likely that many Australians will soon be able to shop online.

But it is the rise of online pharmacies that is going to be most important for pharmacy users in the future.

Pharmacists are already working to create a new generation of patients that will be able access the best healthcare available to them.

Pens Australia, which is a government agency for the delivery of health services, is planning to launch a national online pharmacy in the coming weeks.

“We want to be able, as soon as we can, to provide our customers with the highest level of care and quality of care available,” Pens Australia CEO Peter Cuthbertson told ABC Radio Hobart.

“There’s been a lot of work that’s been done, and we’re looking to take it to the next level.”

The online pharmacy will be the first of its kind in Australia.

But there is no doubt that online pharmacies will provide a huge opportunity for Australia’s pharmacy network.

According to the Australian Pharmacy Association, the average pharmacy spends more than $1,300 a day on prescription drugs, and it is estimated that more than 50 per cent of Australian pharmacies are not meeting that standard.

Pens’ new online pharmacy would help to fill the gap, and be the world’s first to offer pharmacy online access.

“Pens is hoping to see pharmacy online become a more mainstream option in Australia,” Cuthbert said.

“It will be a major step in helping to drive a better balance between pharmacy and community pharmacy.”

The company has secured $50 million in funding from the Australian Strategic Investment Bank, and the Australian Council for Pharmaceutical Innovation.

The online online pharmacy’s main focus will be to make the Australian pharmacy experience as easy as possible for customers.

“Our goal is to provide a secure, convenient and secure online pharmacy for our customers, and provide our pharmacy with the tools to enable it to achieve this goal,” Cottesloe CEO Nick Taylor said.

The company is also working on a mobile pharmacy to be used for overseas customers.

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