What’s next for allcare pharmacy

Allcare pharmacy is closing its doors for good after nearly three decades.

The facility, which was founded in 1971 by Dr. Joseph Allerby, has served the Houston community for the last 11 years.

“Allcare’s closing is a sad and bittersweet loss for our community and the many people that work here,” said Dr. Alain Hochberg, chairman and CEO of Allcare Pharmacy.

“I am deeply saddened to have to announce the end of our time at Allcare.

I want to thank the team at Allcare and all our loyal patients and our loyal employees for their unwavering dedication and dedication to Allcare.”

The facility was one of Houston’s first pharmacy chains.

It was purchased by Alcoa in the 1990s and has been open since 2001.

Allcare opened a second location in Northlake in 2017, and the Houston office has been in the works since 2017.

Alcoa is also the owner of Aventis HealthCare.

It recently announced a new acquisition to the company, and it is now planning to move its operations to Austin, Texas.

“Alcoas vision for Houston was a destination for all our patients, but we will be moving our headquarters to Austin and relocating our medical offices,” said Jim Martin, Aventi HealthCare CEO.

“Our plan is to build a new, global, world-class medical center to be the first in the nation to offer high-quality care in a convenient location with the highest level of technology and quality.

Our focus is on our patients and on being able to deliver care in the safest, most convenient way possible.”

The Alcoas headquarters will move to Austin in 2018, and employees will be relocated to new locations in San Antonio and Nashville.

Aventia announced the acquisition on March 15, and Alcoahas announcement was made on March 19.

Hochberg said that allcare is going to continue operating as a nonprofit, and he will be hosting a ribbon cutting for the new location in 2019.

The new location will be built at the same site where Allcare is currently located.

“We’ve made great progress with our existing operations over the past 11 years, and we are pleased to be able to move into the new space that will be a truly world-renowned medical center for the entire region,” Hochber said.

“It’s been a privilege to work with all the team here, and I am confident that they will continue to be a vital part of our community.”

The news of All Care’s closing came just days after the Houston Symphony announced that it was closing its concerts.

“The Symphony has decided to end its engagement with Houston’s symphony in 2018 and focus on new opportunities,” the statement read.

“We have made a commitment to keep Houston music alive through the years and will continue our music programs with our current partners and other venues.”

Alcoac has not released any new information about the new venue, but it is expected to be announced soon.

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