Which of the three NHS hospital chains can you buy your own prescription drugs from?

The three biggest providers of medical equipment are in the process of merging with a new company, and they are not the only ones to look to the NHS for drugs.

As the sector moves towards a more integrated model, it’s not just the big two that are going to have to change.

 In addition to the major chains, there are a number of smaller companies competing for a niche market.

In the past two weeks, the NHS has announced that it is opening up a number of new medicines from its existing drugs portfolio.

It has also announced plans to allow for generic drugs to be used in a number more areas, including in the care of those with conditions that are unusual or incurable.

The changes are being seen as a major development for the sector, with many in the industry worried about the prospect of fewer drugs being made available to patients.

But for all the changes the NHS is making, the industry is still largely underfunded.

A study conducted by Oxford University last year found that the sector had a 50% shortfall in drugs and that the health service has only a 24% market share.

One of the reasons for this is that the supply of drugs for the NHS was based on a 20% approval rating for the drugs industry and that there is a 10% difference in the amount of funding each drug has received from the government.

Many of the drugs are used in the NHS in very expensive and expensive cases, which means that the NHS does not have the financial resources to offer generic versions.

As a result, companies that want to grow their businesses in the UK have a very limited pool of drugs to choose from.

According to research conducted by consultancy Avalere Health, of the 12 drugs available in the country for the treatment of cancer, only two have comparable market shares:  Lamictal, the first firm to produce Lumifene, and Rituximab, which is used to treat HIV.

If the government wants to do anything to help these companies, they need to get in front of their customers and convince them that they should be able to offer their own drugs, rather than just a generic version.

This is where the Merseyside firm Brighton Eggert comes in.

Brighton has been working for the National Health Service since 1999 and has a strong track record of supplying generic drugs for all the UK’s speciality drugs.

For its latest drugs, it has been able to supply a range of drugs, including Lipitor, an anti-epilepsy drug, the first generic of Lupronix, and Gilead Sciences which is a cancer supplement to the NHS.

There is also a brand new drug in the pipeline, which Brighton has announced is the first generic version of Lipitor.

These are just a few of the many products that Brighton is making available for the industry, with a list of other drugs that it has recently introduced to the market, including: Paxil an anti-cancer drug, which was recently announced for the UK, Gleevec, a drug for cancer, Sildenafil, a drug for a variety of conditions including hepatitis and liver cell signs, Fluoxetine, an antidepressant, Acera, a mood-stabiliser, Cerebral arterial oxygenation (C-AO) and a non-pharmacological drug.

Since the merger in February, Brighten has continued to be a source of drugs for patients in the NHS, with the first generic drugs being Pulse a prescription painkiller and Medrol a treatment for multiple sclerosis. 

It is not the first time that the company has worked with the NHS. 

In 2012, Bristol-Myers Squibb and the Royal Free Hospital NHS Trust were partners in a £50 million deal to supply Medrovec a painkiller for cancer. 

The deal was designed to improve the quality of care for patients with cancer and to help them to live longer. 

However, as the deal was announced last year, the pharmaceutical giant had to defer to the British Pharmacopoeia and withdrew its application for approval for the drug. 

That was because the Royal Free had taken steps to restrict the supply of Med

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