A Canadian pharmacy has made headlines for its ‘novel’ new dispensing method – but is it really a better way to save money?

Canadian pharmacies are facing a shortage of new medicines as the country struggles with opioid overdose deaths.

A number of countries have also been seeing a surge in the demand for their medicines, with Canada being one of them.

But what if Canada were to go one step further and create a pharmacy that is completely self-sustaining?

This pharmacy would allow the patient to choose a prescription, take it home, and use that medication on the same day.

As long as the medicine was purchased from the pharmacy, the patient wouldn’t be charged any extra.

The pharmacy would be a small, local business.

This is a way of taking a step back from the traditional pharmacy model, and creating a completely sustainable, local pharmacy.

This would also provide an option for individuals to purchase a specific type of medication for themselves or their family members.

A number of factors make this idea a good idea.

First of all, it’s very easy to set up a business model that can be fully self-sufficient.

This means that all of the necessary equipment would be in place to do this, such as a pharmacy.

A lot of pharmacies would also have the necessary supplies and facilities to handle this kind of business.

Second, a small business can be incredibly profitable.

A business that is fully self funded can be able to operate on a smaller budget.

For example, in Canada, pharmacies can cost between $5,000 and $15,000 to operate.

This small amount would enable a small pharmacy to provide a significant number of drugs at lower prices than many other pharmacies.

This type of business model is extremely appealing to the public and to the health care system.

Finally, this is an option that could provide a safe, inexpensive way to help alleviate the pain of chronic pain.

The main obstacle to this idea is the high cost of prescription drugs.

These drugs are expensive, and they can easily be difficult to access, especially if you’re struggling to make ends meet.

The costs of prescription medication also vary from province to province.

This leads to a lot of unnecessary medication being prescribed to the country’s elderly population.

With the advent of prescription drug coverage, Canada would be able access cheaper, less expensive medications to help ease the pain and alleviate chronic pain for the people of Canada.

This kind of system would also be able have a very strong positive impact on the health of the Canadian economy.

In the past, there has been a lot debate about the effectiveness of these types of policies, as the use of pharmaceuticals can be detrimental to the society as a whole.

But as more and more countries implement a national prescription drug plan, there is no doubt that the country will soon see a significant increase in the number of new patients coming into the system.

One thing is for certain: there is a great demand for the kind of small, locally-sourced pharmacies that would be created in Canada.

You can read more about this idea here:  https://www.theguardian.com/health/2015/sep/21/canadian-pharmacy-creates-home-made-medicine-for-all-people

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