Wegmans to offer free clinical pharmacy hours for US residents

Wegman’s will offer clinical pharmacy access to patients at its U.S. pharmacy in Columbus, Ohio, beginning April 1, the pharmacy chain announced Tuesday. 

“The partnership will provide convenience to our US resident patients, as well as to our international customers who require a pharmacist to access their medications, and we expect that this will be a significant boon for our patients,” said a Wegmann spokesperson in a statement. 

The pharmacy will also offer a variety of other pharmacy services, including the purchase of prescription drugs, as part of the initiative, the spokesperson added. 

Wegmans will offer free pharmacy hours to its US residents starting April 1.

The pharmacy chain also announced that it will offer discounts for its employees to the extent allowed by state law. 

In a similar move, the New York State Department of Health announced in March that Wegmmans will provide free clinical pharmacists’ access to its state’s Medicaid patients and will offer additional discounts to employees. 

According to the announcement, the company plans to open its Columbus pharmacy at 6 a.m. and to open at least 10 other Wegmaisters throughout the state. 

At least three other Wegmans have already opened pharmacies in Ohio, including one in Toledo, another in Cleveland and one in Columbus. 

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