WalMart pharmacy: I need to get a card to use it

A Wal-Mart pharmacy in the Bronx is in desperate need of help.

The Bronx Community Pharmacy (CBP) is a 24-hour pharmacy providing low-cost prescription medication to more than 400 Bronx residents.

Bobby, who is deaf and cannot read, is currently receiving a prescription from a friend but has not received it in person.

He says that even though the pharmacy is in a high crime area, it’s not uncommon to see drug addicts in the community.

“People have come in, and they’ve taken the medication, and it’s gone, and the medication hasn’t been taken back, so that’s when you think it’s stolen,” he said.

With a prescription in hand, Bobby and his friends have been unable to use their pharmacy.

It has become a major problem for the CBP, as they’ve been unable and unwilling to give out the medication due to the danger it poses.

We have to have it in stock, Bobby says, and we need to be able to give it to our customers.

“It’s like we’re trying to hide behind an ATM, or a vending machine.

You don’t want to get robbed,” he explained.

There’s no shortage of money for a pharmacy, with the Bronx Community pharmacy currently holding more than $4 million in cash.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Bronx Public Health Department said that the CBG has been working with local pharmacies to distribute the medication.

They’re hoping to have a new pharmacy in place by Christmas, with a plan to expand the pharmacy to other areas.

ABC News has reached out to the Bronx community pharmacy for comment.

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