‘I was shocked’ to learn about ‘unacceptable’ wage cuts

I was shocked to learn of the ‘unfair wage cuts’ being made to nurses and pharmacists by the new medical insurance scheme for doctors.

Dr Giuseppe Rizzo, a professor of medicine at the University of Bologna, was shocked that pharmacists would be being asked to pay for treatment in the same way as doctors.

“I am shocked because pharmacists are the ones who have to take care of the patients, it is their job to give the drugs and administer the medicine.

I was thinking that I would have been working for a company that had a contract with the health authorities,” he said.”

So, why would you pay for drugs and then be asked to give them to patients?”

As a doctor, I can understand the feeling of the pharmacists.

But I am sure they do not have the money to buy the drugs.

In the end, the pharmacist pays a lot for his time, but he does not get to see any of the profits. “

There is a system that is not quite right and needs improvement,” he added.

“In the end, the pharmacist pays a lot for his time, but he does not get to see any of the profits.

So, it doesn’t make any sense for a drug company to offer this kind of service.””

I do not see why this scheme would be approved,” he concluded.

The new scheme was approved by the Italian parliament on October 1.

It comes after a series of scandals in the health care sector, including the scandal over how patients were billed for their medicines.

The plan for pharmacist pay raisesThe new healthcare scheme allows pharmacists to be paid in line with their salary in the Italian state of Bruges, which covers the whole of southern Italy.

The average pharmacist earns between €1,300 and €1.2 million per year.

It is set to rise to €1 million by 2021, with pharmacists earning €2 million or more.

Dr Razzi said he believed that the new system would encourage pharmacists who do not receive a salary to leave the profession, because it will enable them to keep their job.

“This scheme will enable pharmacists not to have to be unemployed for long periods, but will allow them to earn their salary.

I think this is a good step forward,” he explained.”

We need a healthcare system where the public will pay for the care of its citizens.”

Dr Giulio Rizzio, professor of pharmacy at the university of Bogota, said pharmacists were already struggling to make ends meet.

“It is a very sad situation, we have already lost about 20,000 jobs, which is almost a third of our pharmacists,” he told the ABC.

“But what we have done to make up for that is to have this scheme and to put the pharmacicians in their place.”

For the new pharmacists, it will allow us to make sure that they do what they do best, which was to care for the patients and their families.

“The new system is an opportunity for pharmacologists to take a break, to go home and give back to their families, so that they can go back to work and get their salary.”

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