FourFour Two: Milan’s new health hub

Three months after its first open-air pharmacy, Milan’s first public health hub, is up and running.

The centre is a pilot project in the city centre, which is also the home of the city’s biggest hospital and one of the main medical centres in Italy.

The new centre opened on Sunday at 8am local time (16:00 GMT).

The centre is designed to cater for patients in the region and offers 24-hour care and a doctor-patient network.

The centre has already attracted over 3,000 patients and is expected to reach 50,000 by the end of the year, said Giulio Di Luca, general manager of the centre, during a news conference at the building.

“We have received a lot of support from our friends at the centre.

It’s very encouraging and we’re working very hard to achieve our goals,” he said.”

The centre offers an opportunity for patients to get treatment at a central location and the city, which has a very low population density, offers an excellent opportunity for us,” he added.

The new centre is part of the Italian capital’s plan to develop a new hub for public health and the prevention of diseases, including respiratory diseases, tuberculosis and HIV, which are prevalent in the country.

It is also part of a plan to expand the city center’s capacity to the point that it can provide healthcare to a larger population, Di Lucas said.

Milan’s new hub, the centre’s first, is being built on a 30,000-sq-m site at the intersection of Bocchetti and Via Ferrata.

It will provide a primary health centre for the region, a pharmacy, pharmacy education and an HIV clinic.

The plan includes creating a new park and a playground, according to Milan city council.

The site will have four beds, four reception and pharmacy departments, four medical clinics and an indoor and outdoor fitness centre.

There will also be a hospital and a general hospital, a rehabilitation centre, a school and an educational centre, Di Lucias said during the news conference.

Milans mayor Stefano Pessina said that the centre will be a model for the rest of the country, as it will offer a “first of its kind”, a hub for a city that is now experiencing a “very important change”.

The city has been struggling to meet its population targets and the population is set to grow by almost 10 per cent from 2013.

“In this context, a hub will provide an opportunity to increase the size of our public health service by making a larger contribution to the public health effort,” he told reporters.

The mayor said that all the residents will have access to the new hub and the area will be divided into zones and the centre would have access only to those who need it.

He said that if there were any objections, the city council would be able to address them through an appeal process.

The city’s new centre will serve as a hub in the heart of Milan, the birthplace of the modern city and the heartland of the region.

It is also home to the Bocce Arena, the stadium where the famous Inter Milan football team plays.

The first two patients to receive medical treatment at the new centre were two elderly patients, according the mayor.

The project will help improve the health of people living in the area and the health care of the whole of Italy, Pessini said.

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