Walmart’s pharmacy refills are ‘soooooooo good’

Walmart has been a long-time target of drugstore giant Amazon.

The online retailer is set to become the first big-box retailer to use its “Buy Walmart” scheme to sell its own branded drugstore products.

The plan is expected to boost the retailer’s profits by about 10% annually. 

Walmart will offer $50 vouchers for $5 off Walmart pharmacy refill products, such as Crest and Medco, starting on February 12.

The vouchers will be available on and in Walmart stores nationwide. 

The Walmart pharmacies in the plan are: Barton Creek Pharmacy in Austin, Texas, Safeway in Las Vegas, Bristol Pharmacy and Walgreens in Dallas, Texas Crest in Memphis, Tennessee Medco in Columbus, Ohio Wal-Mart in New York, New Jersey Bud Light in San Francisco, California Bagel Kroger in Chicago, Illinois Walgreens Pharmacy in Seattle, Washington Bayer in Germany CVS Pharmacy, Inc in Dallas Bosch Pharmacy at Target in Atlanta Buckeye in St. Louis Covid-19 vaccine Baylor Health Care in Houston Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Dallas Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland Dallas Children’s Hospital in Brownsville, Texas Health Savings Account in Atlanta Kmart Pharmacy  in Cincinnati Healthmark Pharmacy   in St Louis MGM Resorts in Las Vegas Nestlé Waters in Nashville PepsiCo in Memphis Shoppers Drug Mart in Chicago Target in St. Paul WalMart’s pharmacy refill program is one of several Walmart initiatives to push the online retailer’s health and wellness offerings. 

In addition to Walmart’s own branded products, Walmart has also expanded its offering of prescription drug refills in the past year. 

On April 18, Walmart announced it would launch a new drugstore brand in partnership with Rite Aid to sell generic drugs. 

Last month, Walmart introduced a new “Buy Walmart” program that allows users to order a pharmacy refill directly from the online store without having to enter the name of the pharmacy.

In a statement, Walmart said it is pleased to partner with Rite Aids and will continue to offer its own brand of generic drugs, which is the largest generic drug marketplace in the United States. 

“Walmart has been recognized as the largest retailer of prescription drugs in the U.S. since its inception in 1955,” said Walmart spokesperson Jessica Bynum. 

Rite Aid, however, said the move was “a mistake.” 

“We are thrilled to have Walmart in this partnership with us to offer a full line of generic medicines at a lower price,” Rite Aid said in a statement.

“This is an incredibly important opportunity for Walmart and we look forward to working with Walmart on new and innovative products that will improve the lives of consumers across our country.” 

Walter Russell Mead, CEO of Rite Aid, added, “Walmart’s brand is one that resonates with our customers.

We believe this partnership will help the Walmart brand reach more people in communities that have been struggling with drug shortages.

We look forward, as we continue to expand our reach, to continue working with the company to bring additional affordable generic medicines to communities across the country.”

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